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Announcement 4

*The mayor walks across the Surface towards the group, holding the brim of his hat since it is a bit windy today. When they all notice him, he stops and lifts his hand in greeting, calling out to them,*

This way.

*He turns and walks in a direction different from the one the group had been taking. He does not stop again, leaving it up to them if they follow him or not. Those who follow him are lead back to the cave to Higure. He turns and holds out his hand to the man holding the cat and asks for the keys. After a moment the mayor is shifting the keys in his hand while holding out a new PDA for Fay since his old one had been left behind in the cell.

Not explaining how he knew or where he had gotten the new PDA, the mayor looks to the rest of the group and holds up one small key*

The barrier will not let Nightmares or any physical part of a Nightmares in. As long as you have that shackle on you will not be able to enter the city.

Please use this to unlock yourself and then pass the key on. When you are free of the shackle you are free to enter the city of Higure again.

*He hands the key to the nearest person and smiles*

Welcome back.
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Announcement 3

*There is a very slight hint of a smile in The Mayor’s voice... Or maybe the birds chirping around him just makes it sound like a smile*

Newcomers, I suspect that some of you would like to take advantage of the change in the Dream and Nightmare ratio on the Surface. It is pleasant.

Please do not get in the way of the Locals. We are using this opportunity to safely restock the city while it is safer.

I have also decided to use this time to bring down more... 'comfort items'. If anyone cares for a certain genre of reading material, I'd be happy to oblige. If I may, this time will be used to start rebuilding the City Library.

Thank you.

[/voice post]
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Announcement 1

All Newcomers living on the first floor are asked to move to one of the higher levels immediately. You will be told when repairs are complete.

The shops are being worked on as are the other buildings damaged by the recent flood. You will be told when the other buildings are repaired as well.

The greenhouse has been spared for the most part with only minor flooding to the southeast corner.

Newcomers are requested to assist in bringing down new furnishings and supplies from the Platform on the Surface.

Thank you.

((OOC: The Locals are going to be very busy for awhile. Cleaning up will go quickly though, worker bees always move fast when their hive has been damaged. Feel free to help them carry things down to the city, or go up to keep monsters from attacking the poor dears as they shuttle supplies in their little wagons, or just watch them work and go “Huh”.))