The Mayor

of Higure

Possible Real Name: Samuel G. Cook
Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late 30's to mid 40's
Gender: Male
Species: Human with a Ritpel
Job: Mayor, Judge, Welcoming the Newcomers, Mediator, Guide, Protector, Hunter, Poison Checker, etc.
Tent # 0 (Brown and Tan)
Backpack Color: Shades of Grey
Carrying: Hand gun, shotgun, ammo, basic supplies, PDA, coil of rope, a piece of the Platform, flashlight
A kind looking (in a vacant sort of way) middle-aged man. Lanky, with hollow cheeks, tired hazel eyes, and thin brown hair, the mayor's skin also has a strange yellow tint. He looks like he was once a good looking man who aged before his time. The brainwashing and alien overlords could explain that. He stands just less than six feet tall and tends to favor dark grey suits and wears a dark grey fedora. One has to wonder why he wears ties while hiking… He wears a simple white gold wedding ring.
The Mayor is a calm and collected man. The mayor seems to have more awareness and more of a personality then the Locals around him, even more since leaving the city. That's not saying much though. Only the most powerful emotions show up in his eyes, muffled and clouded. It may put some at ill eased to see such repressed emotions.

He is willing to talk with Newcomers when approached, though whether his answers are helpful or not is debatable. He always seems vaguely apologetic for that though. His sense of humor is… well, dry. Or maybe he’s not joking. It’s hard to tell, but some of his smiles make it look like he gets a joke and approves.
He was probably born in this world and it can be assumed that he was elected mayor at some point in his life. Or maybe he was appointed for some other reason? A Ritpel was implanted in his head, yet he seems almost like he can resist it. Enough to hide things from the aliens like keeping his wedding ring and acting on his own thoughts. Or maybe the Dalang left him like that on purpose?

The mayor is now leading survivors through the world in hopes of finding others.
Special Abilities
- Good aim
- Good endurance
- Good sense of direction
- High tolerance to pain
- High immunity to Nightmares and Dreams
- Knowledgeable about this world and Nightmares
Worst Nightmare
He’s already lived it.
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The Mayor is a fictional character made for higure_rp by walking_squid
PB: Ralph Fiennes